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Tulsa County Nurse Aid Charged With Financial Exploitation of Resident


A Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) working in Tulsa County has been charged with financial exploitation of a resident.

CNA Tracy Lynn Borman worked at the North County Nursing and Rehabilitation (North County) facility in Collinsville, Oklahoma. One of the residents of the facility began using Borman to shop for the resident paying for purchases with the resident’s debit card.

In February 2017, the facility reported to the Oklahoma Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (OMFCU) alleged misappropriations by Borman of the resident’s funds. The OMFCU began investigating in March 2017 and has continued its investigation through as late as August 2017.

In the Affidavit of Probable Cause for Arrest Warrant, the investigating agent for the OMFCU disclosed potential misappropriations in excess of $1,500.

The nursing facility, North County, allegedly became aware of the issue when trying to charge the resident for her monthly facility payment. Per the OMFCU affidavit, North County’s administrator, Rebecca Murray-Glasgow acknowledged that Borman seemed to have a history of financial issues. “Borman was always asking Murray-Glasgow and other co-workers for money” and that North County staff had paid for “gas, shoes, and Halloween costumes and candy for Borman’s children.”

The Oklahoma State Department of Health provides a registry for nurse aides and other non-technical service workers in the State of Oklahoma. Currently, the registry shows no pending changes in the status of Borman’s long-term care aide certification which is set to expire on May 31, 2018.

The MFCU urges family members and care givers to take the following precautions with resident funds:

  • Appoint a family member (or another trustworthy person) to monitor the financials/trust funds of the resident;
  • Once a year, pull a credit report on elderly loved ones – look for suspicious activity;
  • Don’t give loved ones in long term care facilities large amounts of cash;
  • Don’t pay nursing home bills with cash;
  • Advise loved ones to keep credit cards and cash in a safe place;
  • Advise loved ones they should not agree to purchase items or loan money to nursing home staff; and
  • Report suspicious activity to the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit — (405)522-2963.

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