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Senior Legal News is pleased to offer complimentary legal forms to its patrons.  The forms are provided courtesy of Devetus Estate Planning (www.devetus.com  / (405) 445-3022).  Devetus provides reasonable and affordable estate planning with Basic Estate packages as low as $375 which includes a basic revocable trust, a pour-over will, deed conveying primary residence to the trust, memorandum of trust for filing with the county clerk and power of attorney forms including an advance healthcare directive known as a living will; the $375 fee is in addition to applicable filing fees such as fees charged by county clerks for adding properties to the trust with filed deeds and a memorandum of trust; additional fees may apply with the incorporation of business entities into the trust.  Click on the link or links below to access the desired complimentary legal form.  Fill out the on-screen questionnaire and the prepared legal form will be emailed to the email address that you provide in a printable, PDF file.

Oklahoma Healthcare Directive Form

Oklahoma Expanded Durable Power of Attorney Form

Oklahoma Medical Power of Attorney

Oklahoma Do Not Resuscitate Form

Oklahoma Joint Tenancy Deed

Oklahoma Surviving Joint Tenant Affidavit